A new yorker american


Sans is a new yorker american skeleton in Undertale.                                                          
Do you want to have a bad time

Name: Sans the dank, memetastic and glowin eye skelebone

Occupation: DED

The dip-shit's mainEdit

Pacifist Route Edit

If the player does not gain any xp, remaining on a pacifist route, Sans the skeleton will ask the player to join him at a pub. After reaching Grillby's, Sans talks to the player about timelines and disturbances with them. tells them that they would be ded where they stand.

Neutral Route Edit

Sans appears as the players leave for the forest from the fields, if the player has gained Africans, entering the neutral route, he will remark on how "N O B O D Y  K I L L S  A  new yorker B Y A C C I D E N T" and walks.

Genocide Route he raped the earthEdit

In the Genocide route, when the white homosexual talks to Sans, he initiates a fight with you. If you lose the fight he will bone you.

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